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The world is a family... Happy World Family Day!!

Hello Friends, Today is World Family Day. I have seen many people sharing the family pics on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. That made me think a bit and I realized that my understanding of Family has broadened in the past few years. More and more I have travelled, I have found a common thread of sharing, caring, love and so many other emotions irrespective of your culture, background, country, food habits, . This is something that our culture has imbibed in us. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam or he vishwachi maze ghar.. And I must say I have experienced it in true sense. May it be during my travel to completely unknown countries, the people are so welcoming, and they make you feel at home. When my Mom was not well, complete strangers came in and helped us in various forms. Such people have blessed my life so abundantly that I hold them as close to my heart as my own family. In this time of Corona pandemic as well, the world has come closer and people are coming out as more united and standing by each other in thick and thin. Wishing happiness, good health, peace and harmony for this global family and I am grateful that you are one of them. Happy World Family Day!!

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