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This shall pass..

The world is really in a chaotic situation right now because of COVID 19 Pandemic. People are worried about their business, jobs, health, loved ones, economy and what not. In spite of all this, we must look at the positive things and be grateful for what we have. At least, we have home to be isolated safely. We have mobile to talk to our friends and family. We have money to buy groceries. We have ability to cook delicious food and can enjoy our meals with family. We have cautious government to take care of us, We belong to a profession which allows us to work from home comfortably. And the list goes on.

All of us are healing. Nature and mother Earth is healing. All of us need such breathing period. We are not running any rat race now. We are HERE and NOW. We are grateful for what we have. We are becoming mindful about our surrounding, our body and our mind. This is required. This time will pass eventually and we all will come out strong. The tough times never lasts, but tough people do. Let's focus on positives. Let's become better versions of ourselves. This time shall pass. :)

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